Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Assorted Christmas pix

I'm not really sure why these are all so tiny. We can't all be tech-savy. I actually stole all these photos, so I should credit them so as not to get sued. The first three I stole from Tanya (Vonna, as my Grandma calls her) and the last is from my sister in law, Jess). We have had a great holiday season. Natalie has kept my social calendar full, what with all her events she's been planning. So here they are: Natalie being angry with me at the work party. She had a Dr. appointment that day for her little fingers and didn't get a nap. Plus, I wouldn't let her have pop. Plus, she met a boy. And older boy. She did NOT want to be seen with her momma.
Natalie having fun with 2 of her favorite ladies, Miss Tanya (she can say Tanya now), and Miss Allison. I think she has them both wrapped around her fingers.
Natalie with Ms. Julie and her friend Ethan. Ms. Julie is another favorite. Ethan is very patient with Natalie, as she is often poking his shiny eyes. They are nice and squishy looking.....
Momma kissing Natalie under the mistletoe on Christmas.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Feelin groovy