Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So you wanna be a rockstar

Saturday, September 06, 2008

And to continue where I left off....

What is this now, day 7??? Nap time. Day 7. Natalie stays awake in room for a long time. I won't even say how long. I go to check on her. Tuck her back in. She falls asleep. Later, when she awakens, I go in to get her. Wow, she is hot and sweaty...and sticky??? Yep. An ENTIRE container of vaseline is covering my child. I didn't even know it was in her room. Hair is sticking up at every angle. I had to bathe her in dish soap. The adventure continues. However, today was Corey's birthday, so we went out by ourselves and laughed at other parent wrangling kids at the table and trying to keep their kids from screaming.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Adventures of the new bed...

Day 1: Natalie gets the new "big girl bed". She sleeps in it all night long. The next morning when she wakes up, she waits for us before she gets up.
Day 2: Uneventful, very much like day 1.
Day 3: Natalie puts self to bed and even shuts door. Proud of her, I call Corey at work to tell him. While on the phone, Natalie comes running out of room with blankie and stuffed animal. She says "hi". This happens 4 times before Mommy sits outside of the door to keep her from leaving. Fast forward to 3:50 am. Hear door bang open. Natalie comes flying out of room sobbing. She doesn't go back to sleep until 5:00 am.

Day 4: Mommy puts a baby gate in front of Natalie's door. She can open the door, but can't get out. Mommy feels very smart, until she looks down the hall and sees that Natalie has learned to turn on her bedroom lights. Mommy goes into the room to find all of Natalie's shoes in bed with her.
Day 5: Mommy takes all shoes out of room. Natalie goes to sleep right away. Gate is in place. Fast forward to 3:00 am. Natalie has found the baby moniter and is talking into it loudly. "daddy. Daddy. DADDY. MOMMY. MOMMY. MOMMMEEEEEE."
Day 6: Natalie is in bed. Mommy is posting on blog. Wondering what will happen tonight and hoping the next time we have a kid he or she is more like Corey.

Monday, September 01, 2008


Playing at Gramma and Papa's house.... Cycling.....

So busy that dad doesn't have time to shave and mom doesn't have time to sleep and Natalie doesn't have time to smile...

Oops...there it is Oh yes...Sitting on the new bed (big girl bed) in pj's, mom's socks (2 different ones, of course), and sparkle shoes.