Friday, June 30, 2006

Rocky IV

The birds are going down. I planted my blueberry bushes last month, and even though they are young, I was going to have a few berries this year. That is until those awful birds ate them all. They weren't even purple yet. Jerks. So I have declared war on them. This winter is Rocky IV at our house. We are taking Maggie into the cold, snowy mountains and are going to train her to be a fighter cat. Just like Rocky Balboa she will be pulling cars, running miles on end, and training from day to night. So the birds can have their fun this year, but next summer they are going down. Then we will erect a Maggie statue in Philadelphia. And by the way, if you haven't seen Rocky IV, you really should. It is by far the best of the series, if not the best movie EVER.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

At Long Last

This post is to celebrate several "at long lasts". First of all, after 5 months (almost 6) of the pregnancy sickies, I think I'm finally over the hump and I'm finally growing a hump. (on my belly, not a weird-o one on my back). These photos celebrate my 3 favorite foods right now: ding dongs, meatballs, and fruit.

Another "at long last" is that we are finally moved into our new home. We love it and feel very blessed. I promise that we will post photos, but all the computer and camera stuff is not easily accessible just yet.
The last "at long last" is that I have finally posted again.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Angry Bees

When Corey and I bought our new house, we inherited a large brush pile in the back yard. Now, if I were in Olney (my hometown), I would simply light it on fire and go about my business. However, here in the BIG CITY, that is not allowed. So yesterday I started working on the pile. I pulled off layers of huge branches only to find smaller branches, dead leaves, dead weeds, a huge metal pole, crowbar, tomato cages, and my Aunt Bertie. I had 10 bags of yard waste and a smaller pile of large branches and I was nearly to the bottom of the pile. Then I heard it. A loud buzzing sound. Bees. Angry bees. Angry, swarming, large, blood sucking, killer bumble bees. I took the remaining large branches and hurled them at the bees and then ran for my life.

I know the swarm doesn't look angry in the picture I took, but believe me, they were ready to attack. As I ran up the steps of the deck and into the house, my life flashed before my eyes and the grim reaper was at the threshold of the door. Actually, it was the guy installing my carpet standing at the door, but you can never tell with the glare from the sun and all.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bird Flu

I heard this evening (from Victor Y.) that the Pope got the bird flu.
Apparently, he caught it from the Cardinal.