Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It could only happen to me

I have

been known to exaggerate a bit in my life, but there is no room for exaggeration in this story. It was a night frought with error. Corey had just come home from work and was hungry. I had a busy busy day and did not feel like cooking. So I said I would run out to get us food (error #1 I should have just eaten left overs). I decided to go to Checkers (error #2 What was I thinking? Checkers???). It was pretty icy out (error #3 Why was I driving in a storm?) So I kissed baby and Corey good-bye and headed on my merry way. As I was pulling through the drive-thru my car started to slide and next thing you know, I was rolling down a large ditch until my car was nearly on its side. Yes, there I sat, crooked, laughing at myself like an idiot. A random guy came by and said for $10 he would pull me out (error #4 I should have called a towing service). And by the way...would he have left me there sideways if I hadn't had the money? After an hour, I was out. And the bottom of my car was broken, though I didn't discover this until a few days later.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Four months old

I can't believe how fast time flies. Natalie was four months old yesterday. She's getting so big. Here's a little look back to show how much she's grown. Three months:
Two months (Notice she's holding a little car...):

One month (still looking like a newborn): One hour:

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Naughty Natty Rides Again

Natalie recieved a hand-me-down from cousin Lukie yesterday and she was so excited. Incredibly enough, she can make this thing move. She pushes herself forward and with her powerful toes, she scoots across the floor. Here she is stalking an unsuspecting Mia as she grazes in her natural habitat.
Maggie thought that she better run for her life. Not only is Natalie mobil now, she is also teething. Everything in her path goes into her mouth, including little cats.
Editor's note: we realize that "exersaucers" are not recommended by the AMA, but we are blatantly disregarding that. Don't fear, she is not left alone to "exersauce" for hours at a time, nor is she doing any underage "exersaucing".

Saturday, February 10, 2007

And one from the vaults....

Friday, February 09, 2007

"You're no match for my dad"

Natalie loves Daddy time. She thinks he's hilarious. Yesterday, Daddy bought Natalie a big stuffed chicken. Initially, she was pretty scared of him. This chicken is part of the Kohl's Cares for Kids set. This time they are featuring Sandra Boynton books with a CD as well as stuffed animal characters from her books. The Kohl's books are pretty cute, and the music is really fun, but our favorites are Blue Hat, Green Hat and Moo, Baa, Lalala, which are not part of the Kohl's set. Natalie has a lot of sympathy for the chicken. After all, she get a little cross-eyed at times herself.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

It's time for a vote.....

Corey wanted me to ask everyone "who looks more like Natalie". So we had a little photo session and now its time for you to vote.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Groundhog Day

While in Pennsylvania they have a ground hog to determine the length of winter, my buddies and I have our own mascot. It's Kevin, PhD, who is dearly departed to Boston College. If Kevin makes eye contact for a consequetive 5 seconds, spring will be early. If he looks down or to the side, winter will be longer. Since this is a still shot, the verdict is still out. AND since we have 24 million inches of snow and it is still coming down here in Grand Raggedy, I'm assuming winter is sticking around for a few more weeks.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ladies' Man

Isaac is a handsome guy and quite the hot commodity. (Doesn't he look like his momma here?)
So just the other day a bunch of lovely ladies drove over to visit him. They just couldn't keep their hands off. And who can blame them? He's a hunk.


When I was younger, Little House on the Prairie was one of my favorite shows. You never knew what that ole Nelly Olson was going to do (remember when she faked that she was paralyzed and Laura pushed her down the hill in her wheel chair?). Or how about when whats-his-face was addicted to morphine. How cutting edge is that? Then there was the story where what's-her-face went blind. And who can forget when whats-his-name did such and such? Aahhh, a classic show. I hear even the tough guys love it.